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This site has been put together to tell you something about Hen Gapel John Hughes, and to interest you in assisting with the preservation of this historic chapel, which played an important role in the development of Calvinistic Methodism in Wales.

Hen Gapel John Hughes, named after the minister who lived and worked here for forty years, is celebrated for its association with Ann Griffiths, the famous poet and hymn writer, whose works were first written down in the chapel by John Hughes over 200 years ago.

John Hughes Anne Griffiths

John Hughes & Ann Griffiths

After the death of John Hughes, the chapel had been converted into a wheelright’s workshop, and it was only in 1984 that it was brought back into the ownership of a local trust, which raised both the money to purchase the building, and eventually to restore it over a period of eleven years.

Thankfully, the pulpit from which John Hughes preached remained in the building during all its subsequent uses and now forms pride of place within the restored chapel.

Hen Gapel John Hughes is now established as a non-denominational Centre for Christian Unity and Renewal and Nia Rhosier, who lives in the cottage attached to the chapel welcomes hundreds of pilgrims every year. Many of these are continuing the tradition of visiting the places associated with Ann Griffiths, whether in search of their own links to the religious and social heritage of the area, or seeking spiritual renewal and unity within the beautiful rural setting of mid Wales.

Anne Griffiths Walk

Ann Griffiths Walk