Fixing a hole

I thought you’d like to get an idea of ​​what it is like living in a small cottage attached to Old Chapel John Hughes, the historic building with a roof that leaks! I pop into the chapel every time it rains to make sure that the buckets are in the right place to catch the water, as it can fall in different places from time to time, and because there are books and precious relics my responsibility is great. As well as the state of the roof, the two chimney stacks leak, one in the chapel and the other at the opposite end of the building above the cottage. The two walls are littered with ugly marks, let alone the dampness which creates mold.

Of course, this is not good for my health or the building. The oil and electricity bill  are significant.

I can only hope that donations and grants can swell our coffers now that we have a website and can receive donations via PayPal. With luck, many expatriate Welsh people might see the appeal and will feel generous. I hope that everyone who reads this website will tell as many people as possible, in order to allow us to afford the installation of a new roof before the building deteriorates further.

Despite these problems, I look forward to welcoming pilgrims between Easter and the end of September 2017, and earnestly hope to see the repair work begin in 2018.

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