Cyfeillion Hen Gapel John Hughes Friends

Message From the Trustees of Hen Gapel John Hughes

We are fast approaching the end of an era as trustees of this important historic religious building, which we worked hard to restore in 1995 and have cared for over the last twenty years. In that time, we have welcomed thousands of pilgrims and visitors from Wales and beyond to the Centre for Christian Unity and Renewal, run by Nia Rhosier.

Preserving our heritage

Preserving our heritage

Nia also functions as Honorary Secretary to the Trust, but due to all grant applications having to be made ‘online’ these days, we are looking for a computer literate person with organising skills to establish a separate body under the title “Cyfeillion Hen Gapel John Hughes Friends”, with its own constitution and charitable status, which would be responsible for fundraising and applying for grant aid.

Although we have managed to get CADW (Welsh Heritage) to consider a grant towards a new roof, it only gives a third of the total required and has a ruling that the total amount (in this case, £43,366.40) must be in the bank before the work can start. it also insisted that we appoint an architect of good repute to draw up a schedule of work and select a builder, and this was done at the beginning of 2015. However, we are not in a position to proceed by March 2016 as demanded by CADW, due to being several thousands short of the total, and without a volunteer among our ageing trustees and committee to seek grants online. We have had to pay the architect’s bill for work done thus far, and this has diminished our account to the tune of £1,020, and we shall lose the CADW grant offer through not being able to meet its demands in time.

The pulpit from which John Hughes preached

The pulpit from which John Hughes preached

We have appealed to “The Welsh Religious Buildings Trust”, to take the place into its care, and we are willing to gift it to them. Though they are very interested in the possibility, they unfortunately have a moritorium in place at present. We will therefore have to wait, and in the meanwhile do what fundraising we can and hope and pray that someone will respond to our appeal to form the “Friends”, as mentioned above.

For more information, please visit the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust website, which gives plenty of examples of chapels which have raised funds successfully through the “Friends” idea.



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